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How to set up a company in Thailand (25 pages)

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The following brochure is meant to be a short summary of the Thai corporate law.


We are aware of the fact that it can only be the first step to describe the very com­plex forms of doing business in Thailand. However, we hope that this in­formation can be helpful for you in your further decisions.


Generally speaking, Thai corporate law and the exact procedures of setting up a com­pany are often quite similar to the procedures you are familiar with, but, as you know, important details can be different. Thus, we advise you to proceed care­fully and with far-sightedness.


We would be glad if this brochure meets your interest.


Please allow us to inform you that despite all our efforts we cannot accept liability for this brochure and its contents and we reserve all rights derived from it.



LORENZ & PARTNERS thank you very much for your interest in our work.










We hope that we have been able to assist you with this information.
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