Legal Update Week 7 - 8 (10 – 23 February 2020)

Thailand Legal Update February Week 7-8, 2020

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  • 18 February 2020:
    • The Cabinet approved the resolution to extend the concession for Bangkok Expressway and Metro (“BEM”) to operate Sirat Expressway and Bang Pa-in-Pak Kret Expressway until 31 October 2035, in exchange of ending the dispute, amounting to THB 58,873 million, between Expressway Authority of Thailand and BEM.
  • 19 February 2020:
    • BEC World or Channel 3 restructured its organization again and offered a voluntary severance package to its employees to increase flexibility in operations, starting in late February.
  • 21 February 2020:
    • The compulsory insurance for vehicles increases benefits in case of death of the third party from THB 300,000 to THB 500,000 (minimum payment of THB 500,000 for voluntary motor insurance), without increasing insurance premium, effective as of 1 April 2020.

The Energy Regulatory Commission prepared to propose to the meeting of the Energy Policy and Planning Office (“EPPO”) in March 2020, regarding the competition advocacy measures for power generation businesses, asking for approval to deregulate the Enhancing Single Buyer policy. This will be proceeded under the ERC Sandbox project to analyze advantages and disadvantages of this scheme.

* the Enhancing Single Buyer policy is the policy that allows only EGAT to purchase electricity.

11 February 2020:

  • Approved Principle: Draft Royal Decree issued under the Revenue Code re: tax reduction (No. ..) B.E. …. (tax measure to support human resources development for Industry 4.0)
    • Expenses for donation to support human resources development for Industry 4.0 in EEC area will be regarded as deductible expenses in calculating CIT (300% deduction)
  • Approved Principle: Draft Min. Reg. No. .. (B.E. ….) issued under the Building Control Act B.E. 2522
    • Additional provisions regarding dust control, safety of scaffold, shore, tower crane, and derrick crane
  • Approved Draft: Draft Min. Reg. issued under the Workmen’s Compensation Act (No.2) B.E. 2561 (3 draft laws)
  1. Draft Min. Reg. re: medical fees paid by employers B.E. …. (actual amount but shall not exceed THB 50,000)
  2. Draft Min. Reg. re: rehabilitation expense paid by employers B.E. …. (actual amount under certain regulations)
  3. Draft Min. Reg. re: funeral expenses paid by employers B.E. ….
    (THB 40,000)
  • Approved: Thailand will become a member of Hague Conference on Private International Law (“HCCH”) in order to learn and confer about frameworks of multilateral legal instruments, as well as establishing network between members.

18 February 2020:

  • Approved Principle: Draft Royal Decree prescribing government entities pertaining to the Liability for Wrongful Act of Officials Act B.E. 2539 (No. ..) B.E. …. (Office of Trade Competition Commission)


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