Legal Update Week 37 - 38 (7– 20 September 2020)

Thailand Legal Update September Week 37-38 2020

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Thailand legal news


• 7 September 2020
– Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced the combination of the annual registration statement (Form 56-1) and annual report (Form 56-2) into the new “Form 56-1 One Report” to reduce redundancies and overlaps of the two forms, starting from 1 January 2022.

• 10 September 2020
– The Tourism Authority of Thailand signed a partnership campaign with Alipay (China’s mobile payment platform) stimulating domestic spending among foreigners, especially Chinese expats who reside in Thailand during the pandemic. There will be exclusive promotions for hotels and flights, via a digital cash coupon rewarding for each booking on the platform.

• 15 September 2020
– Ministry of Finance allocated THB 45 billion budget for new financial measuresto boost domestic consumption among lowincome groups to encourage small types of business by providing THB 3,000 per each person for spending at a small shops

• 16 September 2020
– SEC submitted the case to the Attorney-General’s Office against three offenders accused of insider trading of investment units of UOB Freehold Eight Thonglor Property Fund (UOB8TF) whereby one used inside information to buy the investment units, through the securities trading accounts of internal officers in exploitation of other persons’ interest.

• 18 September 2020
– Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) enters MOU agreement regarding the data sharing system with the Ministry of Transportation for the more comprehensive Compulsory Motor Insurance monitoring system. The data system allows people to examine whether a given vehicle has an insurance,
and also allows the annual vehicle tax to be paid online.

• 19 September 2020
– RD is no longer request for a copy of the company’s affidavit and copies of the company’s registration documents including lists of shareholders, company’s memorandum, in contacting the RD, in order to provide better services and more convenience to entrepreneurs.


New Cabinet resolutions

• 8 September 2020:
• Acknowledge draft: draft Min. reg. change the organizational structure of the BOI B.E. …
– Reorganize the structure of the BOI by
– Establishing the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Investment Promotion Division 1-2, and the Thai entrepreneur promotion devision (combine theThai Overseas Investment Promotion Division and the Industry Linkage Development Division);
– Amending the structure and the name from the Investment
Management Division 1-5 (“ก อ ง บ ริ ห า ร กา ร ล ง ทุน 1 – 5”) to the Investment Promotion Division 1-4 (“กองส่งเสริมการลงทุน 1 – 4”).

• Approved guideline: the guidelines for the amendment of laws that are obstruct govern e-service development:
– There are 84 issues to be studied and amended. For example, the law that require applicants to submit applications or/and pay the fees in person at the government office, or require a signature on the copy of original documents.

• Acknowledged: the resolution of the COVID-19 economic management board re: the measure to promote the employment of new graduates by private and government divisions.

– The government will support 50 percent of the total monthly wage of new graduates’ employment (under the maximum of THB 7,500 for the bachelor’s degree, THB 5,750 for the High Vocational Certificate, THB 4,700 for Vocational Certificate) for 12 months from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021. The new graduates must be less than 25 years old and graduates in 2020 or 2021.

– Approved principle: Draft Ministerial Regulation re: determining that the industrial motorcycle tires product and moped must complete the standard B.E. …

– Determine that the motorcycle tires product and moped must be in accordance with TISI number 683 – 2562 as per described in the notification of the ministry of industrial no. 5710 (B.E. 2563) in order to promote and develop the quality of industrial product.

• 15 September 2020:
• Approved principle: Draft guidelines for Special Tourist VISA (STV)

– The qualifications of permitted foreigners are as follows:

1. for foreigners long-stay;
2. consent to participate in COVID-19 preventive measures and agree to alternative quarantine (in-room) for 14 days;
3. have evidence/payment of long stay, including the receipt of a hotel or hospital payment in Thailand during the quarantine and any evidence showing the place to stay after the quarantine such as the receipt of hotel booking, the rental agreement, the deed of an apartment.

– The entitled foreigners will be permitted to stay for 90 days and can be extended 2 times (under the maximum 90 days per time). The application fee is THB 2,000.

• Approved Draft: Draft road traffic act (issue no….) B.E….
– Amend major traffic rules such as:
– Allow the truck, public bus and motorcycle to drive on the right lane as necessary;
– Amend the weight of a personal pickup truck which doesn’t
have to drive on the left-most lane or near the bus lane, from
1,600 Kg to 2,200 Kg.

• Approved Draft: Draft national police act B.E. …
– Amend some major parts regarding the appointment and transfer of police officers such as appointing the board for considering the complaint to police officers, prescribe the procedures of promotion.



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