Legal Update Week 33 - 34 (10 – 23 August 2020)

Thailand Legal Update August Week 33-34 2020

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Thailand legal news


  • 13 August 2020:
  • RD already considered and approved the tax refund under the Personal Income Tax return (Form PND.90 or PND.91) for 2019 tax year, amounting to 3,075,237 forms (worthy of THB 33,145.82 Million) for supporting people during the Covid-19 pandemic.


  • 17 August 2020:
  • BOI announced the growing of the investment application from last year especially in the field of medical industry, during January to June 2020 (project value of THB 13 billion). The electrical appliances and electronics section receive highest promotion as of June 2020 (worth of THB 28.3 billion).


  • A motion for constitutional amendments on Section 256 regarding the conditions for changing the constitution was submitted to the parliament by opposition parties (excluding the Move Forward Party, as they have their own version). The motion will be placed on the house meeting agenda within 15 days.


  • 20 August 2020:
  • The fourth extension of the national state of emergency was officially approved for another month (until the end of September) announced by the National Security Council.


  • 22 August 2020:
  • The Governor of Thailand’s Tourism Authority announced that from October 2020 the long-stay tourists will be permitted to enter the country and spend holidays in the island of Phuket under the limitation of the alternative quarantine system (the first 14 days in quarantine).

New Cabinet resolutions

  • 13 August 2020:
  • Approved principle: Draft Regulation of prime minister office re: development of national industrial (issue no….) B.E. …
  • Amend the structure and duty of the Board of National Industrial Development which has a duty to determine the policy, and strategy of industry development and prescribe the field of potential industrial for economical promotion of the country in the future.
  • Acknowledged: Order of the Prime Minister No. 27/2563 re: appointment of the board of driving the economic management measures under the Centre for the economical Administration of the Situation due to the Outbreak of the Communicable Disease Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  • The duty of the board is for stimulating and coordinating the government offices and relevant offices to implement the policy and measures in order to complete the government’s policy during Covid-19 epidemic.


  • 18 August 2020:
  • Approved Draft: Draft Regulation of application and issuance of driver license and the renewal license B.E. …
  • the required medical certificate must show, not only that the applicant does not have the prohibited disease, but also that the candidate does not have any condition that under the doctor’s opinion may affect the driving ability;
  • the foreign workers who are permitted to temporary stay in Thailand under the cabinet resolution is not eligible for the application for driving license (personal vehicle: 5 years);
  • the driver license for high power motorcycles (big bike) is required to have additional trainings and tests in accordance with notification of the Director-General.
  • Approved project: Portfolio Guarantee Scheme special period Soft Loan plus.


Government Gazette Update:

  • The project has been designed to provide additional support to SMEs which has not received soft loans and credit guarantees under the emergency decree. Each SMEs will be entitled a loan up to a maximum of THB 20 Million, with 2% interest rate for two years.



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