Legal Update Week 29 - 30 (16 – 29 July 2019)

Thailand Legal Update July Week 29-30, 2019

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Thailand legal news


• 16 July 2019:
– The Department of Internal Trade reminded online stores to clearly show the prices of the selling goods. The maximum fine for non-compliance is
THB 10,000. A person who reports the case (hotline: 1569) will be rewarded with 25% of the collected fines. *Most reported cases are that the seller requests the buyer to send an inbox message to ask for the price, so the seller can specify price unequally for each buyer.
• 17 July 2019:
– The Minister of Labour said that the THB 400 minimum daily wage cannot be raised immediately as it may cause inflation and affect the economy as a
whole. This policy will be reconsidered carefully by the tripartite committee within the end of this year.
– The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce poll revealed that 93.9% of the business operators disagree and oppose to the increase of minimum
wage to THB 400 per day.
• 22 July 2019:
– Thai P.M. agreed with the director-general of the International Labour Organization (“ILO”) to upgrade Thai labour protection standard in accordance with international standard as per the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”). Thai government also promised to cooperate with the ILO in all aspects.
• 23 July 2019:
– Fines for motorcycles riding on footpaths have been increased from THB 1,000 to THB 2,000 and a person who reports such illegal action will get THB 1,000 as a reward, starting from 1 August 2019 onwards.
• 24 July 2019:
– The Social Security Office will take serious actions against employers who fail to fully pay contributions to the social security fund by confiscating, seizing, and selling by auction the employers’ properties.
• 26 July 2019:
– Gender wage gap, as well as gender discrimination, tends to decrease globally due to the change of investment in human resource, in particular, the increase of investment in education for women. Average wages paid to women have also been increasing. In addition, the research found that employee-parents make less earning than single employees since they have to spend more time on family instead of work.
– The International Trade Union Confederation (“ITUC”) revealed the ITUC Global Rights Index 2019 for Asia-Pacific regarding violations of workers’ rights that Thailand is at the “worse rating” and have the rating worsen in 2019 to category 5 (no guarantee of rights) with a rise in attacks on workers’ rights in law and practice.


New Cabinet resolutions


The Cabinet resolutions on 15 and 30 July 2019 focus mainly on the appointment of the new government.


Royal Gazette Update:


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