Legal Update Week 27 - 28 (2 – 15 July 2019)

Thailand Legal Update July Week 27-28 2019

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Thailand legal news


• 5 July 2019:
– Waste collection fees by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (“BMA”) will be raised from THB 20 to THB 80 per month, consisting of collection and disposal fees, starting from 1 October 2019 onwards. The BMA claimed that the current collecting fees (applicable since 2005) is accountable to only 9% of the actual costs. So, the BMA has to bear the additional costs at approx. THB 6.9 billion yearly.

• 8 July 2019:
– Employers’ Confederation revealed its recent statistic, indicating that the number of Thai labours who retire at the age of 45 has been increasing, and the new graduates tend to have a 1-3 years gap before getting their first jobs. This will lead to difficulty in predicting future employment trend.

• 10 July 2019:
– PM. Prayut used Article 44 to revoke 66 needless orders and announcements of the National Council for Peace and Order (“NCPO”). Few of those revoked orders are related to the jurisdiction of the Military Court over the national security cases. So, such cases shall be transferred back to the Courts of Justice. However, some orders that empower soldiers to arrest, investigate, and issue a warrant will remain effective.
– M.R. Chatumongol Sonakul, leader of the Action Coalition for Thailand party, was royally appointed as a minister of labour.

• 12 July 2019:
– The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (“BMTA”) planned to terminate 5,000 employees within 2022 through an early retirement scheme. Most of the said employees are conductors and box office staff due to the coming of cashless system (cash box and e-ticket). The employment cost is expected to be reduced by 39-40% (THB 1.5-2 billion) per year.


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