Legal Update Week 25 - 26 (18 June – 1 July 2019)

Thailand Legal Update July Week 25-26 2019

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Thailand legal news


• 19 June 2019:
– The Court of Justice (“CJ”) has signed the MOU with Counter Service Co., Ltd. to allow bailor to pay fine for the bail bond through the Counter Service
(available at Seven-Eleven convenient stores or other stores with Counter Service signs). The CJ also plans to develop new ways to pay for court fees and other court
payments in the future, to become digital court within 2020.
• 21 June 2019:
– Smoking at home, as well as other health-harming actions e.g. drinking alcohol (affecting the family), which results in health problems of other family members shall be considered as domestic violence under the new Family Institution Protection and Development Promotion Act B.E. 2562 (effective on 20 August 2019).
• 24 June 2019:
– The Excise Department (“ED”) planned to propose additional levies for several products (e.g. non-alcoholic beer, and sweet/salty foods). The ED will levy excise tax on electronic cigarette and marijuana as well, if they are legalized.


New Cabinet resolutions


18 June 2019:
• Approved Draft: Draft Min. Reg. re: permission and license on advertisement of marijuana for medical purpose
– Advertisement shall only be displayed directly to medical professionals e.g. physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians and traditional Thai healers or displayed on drug labels.
• Approved Draft: Draft Min. Reg. (No. ..) B.E. …. issued under the Revenue Code re: calculation of incomes and expenses of related companies or juristic
– Specify regulation, procedure, and condition for inspection of transactions between related companies or juristic partnerships;
– Authorize assessment official to adjust incomes and expenses of related companies or juristic partnerships;
• Approved Draft: Draft Min. Reg. (No. ..) B.E. …. issued under the Revenue Code re: companies or juristic partnerships which are not subject to Section 71
Ter of the Revenue Code (relate to shipping of goods to affiliated company/transfer pricing);
25 June 2019:
• Approved Draft: Three draft Min. Reg. issued under emergency decree on foreigners’ working management (No.2) B.E. 2561
1. Draft Min. Reg. re: work permit application, issuance of work permit, and notification method B.E. ….
2. Draft Min. Reg. re: qualifications and limitations of foreigners who apply for work permits B.E. ….
3. Draft Min. Reg. re: fees collection and exemption related to foreigners’ working management B.E. ….
• Approved Draft: Draft Royal Decree and draft Min. Reg. to improve income tax levy from bond investment by a mutual fund;


Royal Gazette Update:




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