Country Factsheet Hong Kong

Factsheet Hong Kong February 2022

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 I.  Facts


Population:                              7 million
2021 GDP (Gross Domestic Product): US$ 369 billion
2021 GDP per capita at PPP (Purchase Power Parity): US$ 65,403
Human Development Index: 4
Big Mac Index: US$ 2.70 (USA: US$ 5.65)


In comparison:



Population: 83 million
2021 GDP: US$ 4.23 trillion
2021 GDP per capita PPP: US$ 58,150
Human Development Index: 6
Big Mac Index: US$ 5.02



Population: 68 million
2021 GDP: US$ 546 billion
2021 GDP per capita at PPP:    US$ 19,028
Human Development Index: 79
Big Mac Index: US$ 3.90



II. Opportunities and Challenges



  • Highly developed legal system
  • Very few regulations imposed on businesses and the overall economy
  • Low Taxes
  • Financial Centre of Asia
  • Investment gateway to Mainland China
  • Very well-developed infrastructure
  • Politically stable



  • Highest costs of living in the world
  • High dependency on exports
  • Land and housing is very expensive
  • High rate of inflation
  • Poor air-quality
  • Slow and very expensive legal system
  • English language abilities of local workforce in decline


 III. What we do in Hong Kong


We are registered with the Law Society of Hong Kong since 2007 and belong to the Lorenz & Partners Group which was established in 1995 in Bangkok. We do:

  • Company and Joint Venture Formation
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Corporate and Commercial Law for Hong Kong and Mainland China
  • Tax Law and Tax Planning
  • Business and Management Advice
  • Licensing and Company Incorporation, including Corporate Re-structuring
  • Back Office Services
  • Accounting and other Corporate related Work
  • Advice on German and Hong Kong Cross-border Transactions
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong and Mainland China


IV.  Recent Projects


  1. Commercial law

Our firm assisted a major international player in the restructuring of their Hong Kong company and subsidiary located in Shanghai. We also assisted a large international commercial group in a share transfer and restructuring. This has included the introduction of a new shareholder, a loan transfer, an increase in investment capital and business line expansion.


  1. Intellectual Property

Our firm assisted clients in enforcing their licence agreements and preventing future intellectual property rights infringement of their technology.


  1. Incorporation

Our firm is regularly assisting clients in incorporating and establishing limited liability companies in various industry sectors.


  1. Inheritance

Our firm was instructed to assist in cross-border inheritance matters involving multiple jurisdictions including Germany and Hong Kong as well as complex circumstances.


V.  Further Reading (some key publications)


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For our complete range of publications please click here.


 VI.  Further queries on Hong Kong? Get in touch


We welcome all Hong Kong related legal inquiries. Please use the contact form on our website to get in touch.


Our targeted clients are medium-sized and large corporations which intend to set up or which are already established in Hong Kong.


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